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Can we teach sports journalists to care? I think so

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.25.36 PMSports journalists are tasked with considerably more than Xs and Os.

We cover everything from labor strife to domestic violence, sexual violence to racial tensions.

But, like most in our audience, we seem to forget about the ramifications of these big, cultural issues as soon as the game starts, or as quickly as another topic catches our attention.

I think one of the biggest challenges of sports journalism educators is to literally “train” students to care and to show it in their work.

My column, published on PBS MediaShift, discusses how I think we can do this.


My PBS MediaShift debut: Sports journalism programs

MediaShift is a PBS endeavor that attempts to guide its audience through the “digital media revolution.”

Its editor, Mark Glaser, has put together a stable of educators, professionals and thinkers that are focusing on issues in legacy and digital media, while attempting to unearth and develop ideas in innovation, entrepreneurship, education, ethics, as well as technology.

Glaser asked me to weigh in on new — and old — topics in sports journalism. To me, this includes sports media education, too.

Sports Journalism Programs Rise, But Can They Take the High Road?” is the first post, published on MediaShift’s website Tuesday, Sept. 2.

I’ll publish links to the articles/columns here, but you can also find it by following @PBSMediaShift, @PBSIdeaLab or by searching #EdShift.