Shaw, Sarkisian & Trouble in College Football — again

To talk about the Josh Shaw/USC story, I will be on “Voices of the Game” with Newy Scruggs on NBC Sports Radio today at 12:18 p.m. ET.


You can listen [to the recorded segment] here.

We learned yesterday that Shaw’s tale of heroics was a lie and that the athletics department — and head football coach Steve Sarkisian — is brushing it aside to focus on football. I find this to be funny since they are the ones who initially told the story.

My blog post on the situation is available here. I wrote it before it had been revealed that Shaw’s story was not true, but as the coaching staff was “vetting” it. In my opinion, the coaching staff should have never given the story to its communications staff to begin with — and, from what I have observed of how Sarkisian and his minions operate, I do not doubt that is what happened.

Listen in today. I’m excited to talk with Newy again.


3 responses to “Shaw, Sarkisian & Trouble in College Football — again

  1. Sure Greg Bell is a homer — but a good read, nevertheless.

    • Gregg was doing his job. When he wrote for AP, no one ever accused him of being a homer. He is great reporter and writer. Glad he landed back in the game with the News Tribune.

  2. I meant “homer’ in the sense of your line below, i.e., massaging facts for Sark.

    “Sarkisian went so far as to line-edit stories. He reviewed stories he felt were ‘too rough’ and had Bell massage facts to make them smoother.”

    Gregg was a great read over at, and I always linked to his articles from my website, even though my opinions differed from his, at times.

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