Columbus Half Marathon: Complete

On Oct. 16, 2011, my sister Mary and I did the Nationwide Columbus Half Marathon. I completed it in 2:14.25. To say I’m absolutely ecstatic about it would be an understatement, (as you can probably tell from my photo here with Mary!)

According to my Nike+ app, this half marathon was the result of 45 practice runs totaling 161 miles and 28 hours, 30 minutes & 14 seconds, as well as 21,315 calories.

I didn’t start running until the beginning of March when I decided to a 5K in May. I did that 5K and then got the Nike+ app and really went to town.

Since March, I’ve dropped about 30 pounds, don’t fit into any of my clothes and feel terrific. And I wasn’t out to lose weight — I was out, well, to run.

Best part? This half marathon wasn’t the goal; it was the practice run. The real goal is a sub 10-min/mile in the STRIP AT NIGHT, the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas on Dec. 4 with my newlywed friends Debra & Katie, as well as Jen, Ashley and whoever else is coming!



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