Post-Super Bowl blues? Not me

Was I bummed the Pittsburgh Steelers lost in Super Bowl XLV Sunday evening? Of course I was. But I wasn’t deflated as many of my dear friends thought I would be. (Thanks for the calls of condolences, m’friends!)

Here is why:

Honestly, I don't have much of a problem with this picture. (Mark Hoffman/MSJ)

1.) Despite three turnovers and an overall sloppy game, the Steelers were right in it. It was exciting. I was on the edge of my seat. I believed they could pull it out right up until that incompletion on fourth-and-5. Funny thing is, I think Packers’ fans probably believed the Steelers could pull it out until then, too.

2.) The Packers were worthy of the championship. It wasn’t like the Steelers lost to a bunch of hoods like the Ravens, or to a bunch of sh!t-talkers like the Jets. They lost to a team that plays, well, a whole lot like the Steelers. They were gracious. They went on the road and won six games to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. They deserved it.

3.) Despite the turnovers and the penalties, the Steelers didn’t give the game away. The Packers won the game. They made great plays. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty damn good with those quick passes on slants and seams for critical first downs. Clay Matthews‘ game-killing forced fumble. These were impressive plays.

4.) Finally, I had fun watching the game. My favorite team has been in half of the last six Super Bowls. I’m spoiled. Sundays are mostly fun for me. I’m more sad that football season is over than I am with the Steelers’ loss.

To Roger Goddell: Please don’t let the owners lock the players out. Be reasonable. Sixteen games are plenty. You all make more than enough money. Don’t ruin our Sundays.


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