Thesis is IN, defense pending

My long-labored-over thesis was turned in this afternoon. Five chapters, 83 pages and 137 footnotes.  Identifying Ethical and Legal Challenges and Solutions in the Online Coverage of Recruiting High School Athletes has been turned in!  

Of course, that doesn’t mean the process is completed. It simply means the vast majority of my writing on the project is done.

What comes next?

Well, my thesis committee chair Mike Sweeney is giving it one final go-round. And, even though he has read the thing as I turned in each chapter, and again after I formatted the whole thing, he has to give me one final OK. I am confident that he will with very minor (if any more) revisions.

After that, I set a date for defense. The remaining members of my committee, Drs. Pat Washburn and Aimee Edmondson, have two weeks prior to that date to review the project. After which, I will sit before them and fend off their questions about my work.

Then they will either accept or reject it or, most likely, accept it with revisions. I’m hoping for minimal revisions here.

Once it gets accepted, the thesis goes through the Graduate College’s Thesis and Dissertation Services office, and is finally bound and put in the library for no one to read!

You lucky folks on my blog — and all the sports writers and sports media professionals who took the time to fill out my surveys and subject themselves to my interviews will get to read it when it is put into PDF format.

I actually feel really good about it — and not simply because it is finished. I think it’s a decent piece of scholarship and could have an affect on how recruiting is covered (to a small extent, at the very least.)

Anyway, I’m fired up… and wanted you to know. As soon as it is ready to go, I’ll post it here.


2 responses to “Thesis is IN, defense pending

  1. Whew, I’m sure that is a relief! Even though you may have to make some final changes, the main part of your work is finished, right? The topic of your thesis sounds amazingly timely and I hope will be read by the right people so that it will effect the future of recruiting! It should!!!

    And your Steelers are in the Super Bowl, life is good, right?


    Can’t believe what Joey managed to do within 48 hours, run a marathon and have his appendix removed. What a guy, thank goodness he is ok. We couldn’t even go and support him because of the snow the night he had the surgery. Kurt felt terrible about it. But I think all is well, now.

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