The best opinions from a crazy sports week… so far

Of course these opinons reflect mine, but I don’t have time right now to express them so eloquently. Read on, football fans:

* Al Davis is crazy and the Oakland Raiders really don’t have a chance until there is stable progress. According to’s Bill Williamson, declining Tom Cable‘s option made no sense at this juncture.

* What the hell is going at Michigan? He is fired. He isn’t fired. We’re sleeping on it. We’re holding a news conference. This from, which almost makes you feel bad for RichRod. Almost. (The latest is he is, in fact, fired. Duh…)

* Jim Harbaugh should stay at Stanford. It’s one thing to turn a program around, it’s another to build a legacy. (He should ask Tara VanDerveer about that… she’s just down the road.)

* Bowl games don’t prove conference strength. They really might not prove anything at all. But I’m with Adam Rittenberg on this — Ohio State and Wisconsin are damn good teams. I’m still not sure why rule-breakers got suspended for next year instead of immediately, but the Sugar Bowl was a really fun game to watch.

* How about this Tulsa World article from August? Yikes! They earned no respect in the Sugar Bowl!

* Tweet of the Sugar Bowl was from Seattle Times Washington Huskies beat writer Bob Condotta: “A Razorback is apparently an animal that has no hands.”

Another classic response — this one to the rumor that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is engaged. “I bet she told him no when he proposed.”  

Off to class, my friends!


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