Quick-hitter with a promise of more

Defensive linemen Brett Keisel and Casey Hampton celebrate after Keisel returned an interception 79 yards for a touchdown. (Photo by Peter Diana/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

* The Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense showed the nation that last season that it desperately missed Troy Polamalu and Aaron Smith. With a fourth-string quarterback and a patchwork offensive line, the Steelers pounded the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to move to 3-0. I had said at the beginning of the season that the team went 2-2 while quarterback Ben Roethlisberger served his suspension (for being a slime), the Steelers could be a Super Bowl contender. Today, I firmly believe I was right.

* The Washington Huskies were, mercilessly, on a bye this week. They needed it.

* I am still trying to figure out how UCLA beat Texas. My friends in Seattle will scowl, but I think Rick Neuheisel really knows what he’s doing when he has on a headset and is standing before a crowd. (Still not certain he knows what he’s doing the rest of the time.)

* Do you think dominant BCS teams are blowing out lesser, non-BCS teams for poll rankings? See Oregon 72, New Mexico 0 or Ohio State 73, Eastern Michigan 20. Yes, I do. And I think it’s pretty crappy.

* You know how I bitched so much last year about the strength of the Big Ten? While I still think the Pac-10 is having a great year thus far, I think Ohio State will deservedly (and, to me, begrudglingly) be in the National Championship game. I hope the Buckeyes are playing Boise State in that tilt.

* I wanted to watch a lot more football than I actually could this weekend. Why? Because my thesis needs to be finished in a month and I’m already feeling the weight of this quarter.

*  I am taking a really amazing political science class called “Democratic Theory.” Professor is great, reading is unbelievable. So, what’s the problem? These two know-it-all 20-year olds.

* The class I am teaching this quarter (and next) is called “Fundamentals of Online Journalism.” Today we are going to talk about Twitter. If you don’t already, follow me at @mollyyanity.


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