Weekend wrapup

Three thoughts on the weekend that was:

1.) The Washington Huskies stunk. I’m not sure what I find more ridiculous — the way the Huskies played, or that coach Steve Sarkisian had boasted that UW would not lose at home. Does he remember that this is a team but a season removed from going 0-12? Does he not realize that, while his team is building depth and moving in the right direction, that it is still in a fragile state. The Huskies were overmatched in every facet of the game, including coaching. Jake Locker, God love him, was outplayed by a freshman. The defensive line is poor and the defense as a whole missed Cort Dennison. However, his presence would not have changed the outcome. A bowl seems like a long shot at this point. Fans can only hope the team and its coaches learned a lot from the first three games. If not, it will be another long, brutal season on Montlake.

2.) I think this is funny. The Ohio Bobcats — a team that has never sniffed its big brother to the northwest — really did not have a prayer against Ohio State last weekend. Ohio State looks rock solid this season, and the Bobcats, winners of the MAC East Division in 2009, do not. The Cats don’t have a true running back. The quarterback situation is bleak, and there are too many mistakes that appear to be a result of a lack of discipline. So, pardon me if I think it was funny that the Bobcats’ mascot executed a premeditated attack on Brutus the Buckeye. The only thing that was better than the “attack” itself was the typically-stoic OU coach Frank Solich said, “Obviously we needed to tackle the guy with the ball, not the mascot.” Hilarious.

3.) The Pittsburgh Steelers defense absolutely ROCKS. Holy Troy Polamalu! The Steelers are working with their third-string quarterback and they left a lot of points on the field in Tennessee Sunday. But, the defense forced seven — seven! — turnovers. That and the fact that Jeff Reed kicked the ball with effectiveness, led to a 2-0 start for the Black & Gold. Winning ugly is still winning. With their quarterback suspended for two more games, I think they’ll take it. I sure as heck will!

With that, I have to get rolling on school work. I miss being a sports writer, but it sure is fun to be just a fan again. I miss being on the beat, but it is fun watching on TV with the rest of you. Fans are something else… blind, foolish, and obsessive. And, trust me, that’s just fun.


One response to “Weekend wrapup

  1. Molly – You should come to Lincoln next season when UW plays the Huskers. We’ll make sure you’re well taken care of here in Lincoln.

    Love your work!

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