Favre retiring? Really?

Forgive me if I am just a little skeptical of ESPN’s announcement that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is retiring . . . again.


Favre cried in front of the cameras in the summer of 2008. Remember this one? “They say all good things -sob!- come to an -waa!- end.” Recall? He doesn’t have any more to give to the organization or to football? Through all those tears, too.

Then he decided he did have more to give, but the Green Bay Packers told him enough is enough. Here is ball, Aaron Rodgers. Go throw it. So, Favre went and pissed around the New York Jets before, you got it, retiring again.

Some might call Favre’s idea of retiring merely avoiding training camp. But, OK, I’ll give it to the ol’ redneck ass-slapper. He’s good enough and has earned a few weeks extra weeks off. And he proved it by unretiring . . . again . . . and leading the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship game.

Yet, here we are at the beginning of August. Everyone this side of Darrelle Revis is in camp, yet Favre is kickin’ it in his Levi’s on his ranch in Mississippi with an ESPN reporter sitting in a lawn chair at the end of the drive way waiting for him to answer one question: Will he or won’t he?

Today, former Denver Post reporter Adam Schefter of ESPN claims to have beaten the Minneapolis Star’Tribune’s Judd Zulgad to the punch (which he didn’t) with the answer: Favre has texted teammates that he isnt’ coming back.

Yet, I don’t totally buy it. Here is why: The Vikings have been doing a great job of keeping the “Favre issue” a non-issue. That creates a problem for one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. A problem? Yes. He isn’t getting the attention he so completely covets. Favre craves the attention. He needs to hear how badly every one wants him back.Vikings coach Brad Childress said he could live with or without him. THAT isn’t what Favre wants to hear!

I was actually an admirer of this gifted quarterback before all this crap, but now, sorry. I don’t buy it. Here we go again. The Favre Tango. This routine was old a year ago. Now it’s just embarrassing.


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