A week away: Huskies football camp

I’m back in Seattle for a few weeks. It’s gray, overcast and cool in the morning — and perfect by 1 p.m. I love it here.

But, this isn’t a vacation. I’m focused and working on my thesis . . . and Huskies camp starts in one week. Haha! Honestly, I’m not even procrastinating at this very moment; I’m waiting for software to use the printer to download. So, while I’m killing a few minutes, let’s talk Huskies football.

Being in Seattle makes me miss being a sports writer. It was the most fun I’ve ever had. Every year at this time, I’d be finishing up some kind of vacation and getting ready to tackle a major project — like a high school football preview section, like Pac-10 Media Day, like the college football preview section. It was busy, productive, a complete rush. The optimism dances through the Pacific Northwest air and it was just exciting.

I’m not even a sports writer any more and I can still feel that optimism and excitement.

What a time for the Pac-10 as commissioner Larry Scott attempts to forever rid the nation of the East Coast bias. (Ha! Bless Scott for this progressive thought and proactive deeds. Attention, Mr. Scott: If you’re looking for a sharp analyst or the upcoming Pac-10 Network, I can be reached at mollykyanity@gmail.com. Thank you very much. ) Expansion, introduction, Lane Kiffin in shades at Media Day! I mean, the sky is the limit here!

And that is exactly the feeling in Seattle. Not about the conference’s prospects and future TV deals, but this place is giddy over the Huskies. Granted the Mariners are as bad as the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pete Carroll is running the Seahawks and, according to informal Facebook polls, no one cares about the 22-4 Storm. So, really, about what else is there to feel giddy? (Water? Mountains? Sunsets? Oysters? Wine?)

The Huskies camp starts Monday, Aug. 8. I’ll be there. And, though I will not do it with the professionalism and the access of Greg Johns, Bob Condotta, Chris Fetters, Scott Johnson, and Todd Milles, I will write a little about the Huskies football team and the goings-on on Montlake. To inform and entertain — not necessarily in that order.

The first thing I will miss out there is Richard Kilwien. Kilwien was a victim of the university’s cuts and, in agreement with Jim Moore, that is truly a shame because he was as good as it gets when it comes to sports information directors.

Still, I’m excited to see the old gang and listen to the crunch of shoulder pads.

But, for now, back to the thesis.


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