Blog, Connie says

My dear friend and former colleague Connie Okada is about the most blunt person I have ever met. In a recent email, she pointed out that I haven’t blogged “in forever,” and subtly suggested I get back at it. (Those who know Connie know there is nothing subtle about her.)

So, alas, after a long break from the blog, I return. Why? Because Connie says. Besides, it’s almost football season and that is really what I like to write about most, so… here we go… again.   

Summer in Athens, Ohio — in a word — sucks.

The heat and humidity is stifling. Just stepping outside is a wholly unpleasant unexperience. I want to take a shower after sweeping my front walk. Yesterday, while sitting on the porch, I got stung by a wasp. It just dive-bombed my forehead and started to sting away. The thunderstorms are kind of cool, but produce more mugginess, and the town is dead. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing, especially when trying to park, but overall creates an overwhelming sense of lethargy.

I miss Seattle and want to go back for the rest of the summer. I miss Stacy, my friends, the (clean) water, the crisp air, oysters, Jabu’s Pub, the idea of camping in a tent that is not a sauna, Storm games, Huskies camp, the activity, the buzz — all of it.

But I’m just whining and no one wants to read that. Unfortunately, that’s my mood today, so I’ll just sign off for now and spare you.

And, Connie, I will continue to blog. I promise. Because, actually, I have a lot to write about these days — the Pac-12, Nebraska joining the Big Ten, my thesis on the coverage of college recruiting, Jake Locker-for-Heisman, and lots more.

(For those that didn’t get the “Blog, Connie says,” it’s a reference to the first hit by my favorite singer/songwriter Greg Laswell, “Sing, Teresa Says.” By the way, Greg will be playing at Bumbershoot this Labor Day weekend… one more thing to miss about home.)


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