Could Rick Reilly be more sexist?

Is this me being overly sensitive, or is Rick Reilly being a complete sexist?

Former great sports writer Rick Reilly

Reilly spent 20 years writing for Sports Illustrated and was one of the profession’s best. His prose was clever, thought-provoking, interesting.

But in the last decade, Reilly’s enormous ego and laziness has gotten the better of him. His one-time witty banter now recites like canned goods. It’s stuff he uses over and over and it all tastes the same.

Panty-hoes run metaphors aside (because those aren’t offensive, Rick!), isn’t it a good thing Lorena Ochoa wants to be a responsible mother?

I hate to be a mater of the obvious, but of course Roger Federer didn’t miss a beat when he “had” twins. That is because he didn’t have them!  His wife carried them to term, delivered them, and likely nursed them, too. Really, no skin off his tennis raquet, if you think about it.

ESPN pays Reilly more than $1 million a year, and this is the crap he comes up with?  

If Reilly wants to take aim at Ochoa, he should have done more than put fingers to keyboard. Maybe research how much Ochoa means to the tour in terms of fandom or finances, or look into the Asian takeover of the LPGA and how losing a familiar face  will affect on the tour.  

But to suggest that golf fans are more important than her own children? To me, that is a spiked heel to the groin, Rick.

Er, gut, I mean.


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