Pat Forde is one of my faves…

He has been for some time, but this is icing on the proverbial cake.

To be honest, I love the “dressed-up” look for the coaches. No one did it better than Mike Nolan (very handsome), and Jack Del Rio was right there, too. I mean, I’d take the vest any day over Bill Belicheck’s stretched-out hoodies or, God help us, Charlie Weis’s cinched-up parachute pants.

SCHOOL DAZE: There is now less than one week left of my first quarter of grad school and, well, yesterday I officially applied for the PhD program. It isn’t exactly like has been knocking down my door, so, until it does, I need a backup plan.

What is really weird is that this whole thing is starting to feel like maybe it has been the plan all along. Not to get all “God’s plan/free will” on you, I really enjoy teaching. It feels incredibly natural and is.. fun. I like the research aspect of this whole deal, too. Think about it… sports journalism as an area of academic study! Wow! I just miss Seattle, oysters, watching NFL games at 10 in the morning, rainy days (not really), Stacy, all my buddies, and places like the Pacific Inn and Jabu’s.

On that note, back to studying for finals.




One response to “Pat Forde is one of my faves…

  1. Missing you!

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