Bummer of a football weekend

It really was.

Before anything was even decided on the field, I was highly annoyed. Has anyone ever listened to Fox Sports Radio? Don’t. While attempting to the get the Huskies-Oregon State game’s audio streamed through KJRAM.com, I had to listen to these  three goofballs talking about everything but sports. They were so annoying that, by the time these sporadic and ill-timed updates came along, even the updates sounded like a baby screaming crying. God, they were horrible. To make matters worse, the Huskies audio wasn’t even on line!

Turns out, that was a blessing. ESPN.com’s GameCast couldn’t even keep up with the Beavers’ scoring. When I read Kyle Benn’s Facebook post that the Huskies seemed like they didn’t even want to be in Corvallis, I got angry. I endured four seasons of mostly rotten football. Now, I’m dying to be there. To hear the Huskies themselves — who not only endured four seasons of mostly rotten football, but actually had to go to practice during that time, too! — didn’t want to be there really upset me.

I’m still baffled to hear that Mel Kiper thinks Jake Locker is top-10 pick in the upcoming draft. Locker has top-10 physical talent, but I just haven’t seen the kid come into his own as a quarterback. I’m still waiting. I figure it’s going to happen, but if Locker goes to the NFL after this season, he will leave having won seven games in three seasons. I know he hasn’t had much around him, but he himself has 32 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. Is that NFL-ready? 

Being mostly spared from the Huskies’ debacle, I wasn’t so fortunate in the Bengals-Steelers game. The Bengals deserved to win. They kicked Pittsburgh’s butt on special teams and made the defensive plays over and over. I hated seeing Troy Polamalu get injured again. I think Polamalu’s presence changes things for Pittsburgh’s defense, but I’m not making an excuse for my team. It was just a bummer.

ncf_u_weis11_300Boy, Ohio State really put it to Iowa and the redshirt freshman quarterback, didn’t it? Yeah… so, Ohio State goes to the Rose Bowl without having beaten anyone of significance.  (Sorry, Penn State, you don’t count — I said “of significance.”)

This weekend, I finished my Content Analysis paper — 25 singin’ pages of an analysis on local newspapers’ coverage of college sports scandals as compared to ESPN.com. Sounds pretty interesting, eh? Well, that’s two papers and two presentations down with only a Media Law paper and two finals to go. Sucks being me, huh? No way… it sucks being Charlie Weis… oh wait… no it doesn’t. When I was laid off, I wasn’t bagging $10 million in a buyout. 😉

Really… no complaints here, though! Life in Athens, Ohio is good… but in less than three weeks, I will be slurping down oysters and riesling at Elliott’s in Seattle!


5 responses to “Bummer of a football weekend

  1. I have to say I disagree with your “significant” comment. Penn State is definitely not a top tier team this year, but I don’t think its fair to knock Ohio State because of that. I mean, who would you consider “significant”? When I look at the top 10 I see a lot of teams who have beaten a lot of nobodys. Does Oregon “deserve” to go to the Rose Bowl because they beat pathetic USC/Cal teams? I think your west coast bias is really getting to you 🙂

    • Shawn, being a Penn State fan, you’re allowed to say that without getting me hot and bothered. 😉 But that pathetic USC team has already defeated Ohio State. That awful Cal team beat Minnesota and Maryland. I shouldn’t pick on the Big Ten so much, but I just get incensed that the teams out West have to prove themselves by scheduling geographically-diverse and top-tier opponents year in and year out to gain any kind of respect on this side of the Mississippi. I applaud Ohio State for scheduling USC, but they haven’t beat them in… how long? Penn State’s nonconference schedule this year? Akron, Temple & Eastern Illinois. That plus the fact the Nittany Lions don’t even play everyone in their conference is enough to set my west coast bias aflame.

  2. And the Seahawks failure to hold a significant lead yesterday added to my bummer of a sports weekend!

  3. No, you didn’t miss anything on the Huskies’ game. They were god awful. And, no, Jake isn’t ready for the NFL. But he might be ready to take NFL money after trying to survive behind that offensive line!

    Glad to see you’re still kicking out the sports wisdom, Mol!

  4. My only point is that you always knock the Big 10, and I don’t think that up and down they’re really all that much worse than the Pac 10, the Big 12, the Big East, or the ACC. Its really a weird year in college football, and will be interesting to see how it all pans out – the only way we’d really know is with a playoff. Almost makes me want to boycott until they do that, but I just don’t think I’m there yet.

    And I can’t wait to read about how pissed you are when Penn State gets a BCS bid. Its coming…it will be even more embarrassing when we get our asses kicked by TCU.

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