Saturday… in progress

Well, I don’t need to do an in-game blog, any more, but I’ll hit you with a quick game-day entry for good measure.

1.) A heartfelt shout-out to KJR-AM 950. Even though I have Directv’s ESPN GamePlan, I can’t get the Huskies-Bruins game on TV. So, I run over to the only decent sports bar in Athens, Buffalo Wild Wings. The bartender is super nice and takes the time to search for the game, but they don’t have it, either. So, depressed, I walk back over to my office to check and see if maybe the game is on ESPN360… nope. DING! Hey, is the game streaming on KJR? YES!!! I’ve never been so happy to hear Bob Rondeau’s voice! 😉

2.) Oregon is personifying “letdown” right now. Be not fooled — Oregon is the best team in the Pac-10. The Ducks are BETTER than USC this season. But while Chip Kelly is a schematic mastermind, he apparently isn’t master motivator — unless he is giving one hell of a halftime speech as I type Stanford is bullying the Ducks around. (And, of course, this game is on TV here. Go figure.) I don’t know if Jim Harbaugh is a great Xs and Os coach, but it is pretty obvious he knows how to work a lockerroom. His kids play hard for him. Still, I’d like to see Oregon pull it off, just so I don’t have to eat crow (er, uh, Duck) after last week’s assessment.

3.) Iowa lost to Northwestern earlier today. Do I really need to say anything else about the Big Ten? Really? The fact that people were even talking about Iowa (or the Big Ten champion, for that matter) in the national championship game honestly makes me wonder how “delusional” works.

4.) And speaking of delusional… Notre Dame in a BCS game? Navy says no.

5.) Halfway finished with my Research Methods final paper. Seven pages of the 15-page monster. Maybe some day I’ll figure out what the statistics in this beast mean. -shrug- 🙂  Oh, for those of you who filled out my survey — this paper is based off those results. THANK YOU!




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