Crappy football weekend

The Huskies looked like crap — completely “out-physicaled.” Disappointing after such an uplifting win. It’d be something if they can beat Notre Dame, which would prove the Stanford loss was the fluke, not that the USC win was.

The Steelers were even worse. What? Have they forgotten what STEELERS FOOTBALL is? Running the ball? Playing defense? Nickel and diming the opponent until the clock runs out? I was not pleased.

I couldn’t believe the way the Ducks kicked Cal’s arse all over Eugene. But I shouldn’t have been surprised. 1.) It was in Eugene. 2.) This clearly looked like a team coming into its own, improving each week — despite the madness that ensued during Week 1.

How about Houston? I’m proud of the Cougs from the South. It’s always fun to see a team like that do well.

OK, off to collect assignments from my Jour231 class. Should be a fun week of reading their leads and finding out if I have taught them anything.

Big exam tomorrow in Media Law, and a research proposal due in Methods (the bane of my existence!)

Wish Joey, Casey & Mary could have stayed longer, but then, my liver is happy they’re leaving.

Enjoy your week!


One response to “Crappy football weekend

  1. Thoughts on the Notre Dame game Molly?

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