Weekend predictions

* The Huskies will beat Stanford.

* Oregon will scare Cal, but the Bears will win.

* I’ll study Friday and Monday for my Media Law test.

* Miami will be exposed at Virginia Tech, and the Jacory Harris for Heisman squakers will be silenced.

* Texas Tech and Houston will combine to score over 90 points.

* Casey & I will get hammered at Tony’s thanks in part to $3.50 red bull & vodkas.

* Georgia Tech beats North Carolina, and AP voters will get the first symptoms of a season-long headache induced by no idea what to do with ACC teams.

* Cincinnati will pound Fresno State and end up in the top 10 on Sunday.

* USC embarrasses Washington State in the first of 10 consecutive Trojan wins, including one against  yet another hapless Big Ten team.

* The Bears whip up on the Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck still can’t breathe.

* Despite Joe Theismann’s and Sterling Sharpe’s picks, the Steelers handle the Bungles in their ninth consecutive win at Paul Brown Stadium.


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