Haters, papers & other stuff

Wow. It sure has been a while since I got criticized on my blog. And to be criticized on my OWN blog is extra-special, though! Geesh! Haha! Like I always say, they can criticize all they want — it means they’re reading!

I was critical of Lappano’s lack of direction for the offense. I think Lappano is a really good guy. I think he was critical in the development of Isaiah Stanback as a quarterback. Louis Rankin went from being a dancer to a running back under his watch. But the running game was his specialty. I think he also might have been stifled under Willingham — their personalities were really night and day — and I think his offense lacked focus. I’m not sure how that makes me clueless, but I don’t mind anyone disagreeing with me, either.

Speaking of disagreeing, why is the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh? Because it’s the City of Champions? Probably not…

So check this out: I have this big content analysis due at the end of the quarter and we had to have our proposals turned in last week. Tomorrow, we have to turn in a paper detailing our “sample” for the analysis. I think you guys will get such a kick out of this: I’m analyzing the media coverage of college football and basketball scandals and the differences between national media’s coverage and local media’s.

For another class (Research Methods), we have another huge research project due. For that, I’m going to devise a survey for college football fans to find out their attitudes toward the coverage of scandals.

Does this sound great, or what?! Haha!

OK, I’m off to Buffalo Wild Wings — where my teaching seminar meets on Thursday evenings. Conveniently, Ole Miss-South Carolina will be on, as well, so if I get bored…

(But it better not be a close game tonight… because I want to watch Grey’s Anatomy when I get home!)


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