Lots of firsts

A first day of class. A first day back to school in years. My first time teaching. The first syllabus I’ve ever written. The first time I’ve nodded off reading something in ages!

This week was filled with more firsts than I’ve imagined for myself in a  long time.

How exciting, huh? Weird, still. But exciting.

The part of me that feels like I should be in the dungeon-like media workroom at Hec Edmundson Pavilion at the University of Washington is still here. Watching the Huskies game last Saturday night (LATE last Saturday night, I might add), my heart ached at times. God, the team just looked so much better. It was so nice to see.

But the heartache is disappearing with each class. The first thing that blew me away is this group of people with whom I’m taking classes is incredibly smart and talented. One woman was a news director at one of India’s biggest TV stations. Another was a dancer in Sesame Street Live — the traveling show. There are people who have made documentaries, a long-time editor from a small newspaper in a small town in Ohio. There are some fellow students fresh out of undergrad, some who are making the trek back to education after a long layoff. Some are into broadcast, some into Web publishing. All are passionate about journalism. It’s so cool.

The professors are diverse. I like them all so far, but they’re so different. Joe is a big man with a wild beard. He is originally from Oregon and spent the summer on the coast “drinking microbrews, eating Dungeness crab and reading.” It’s quite the mental image if you can picture a guy with more hair on his face than on his head sitting in a wooden chair before the setting from The Goonies.

There is Mike Sweeney, who came to OU from Utah State. I like him. He always seem to be sweating profusely. But he saw Kirby and yelled, “A wiener dog!” I promptly yelled back, “And a ‘Sweener’ dog!” Haha! That’s what I call him now.

Hugh Martin is a scholarly type, but he actually spent a decade working as an editor at the Tampa Tribune. At first I thought his “Research Methods” class was going to be a snooze. He first spoke in a rather monotone manner. Then, the guy caught fire. This stuff completely lights his fire… Before I knew it, I was hooked. On research methods!

My favorite, though, is Aimee Edmondson, this fiery little southern woman whose excitement for media law explodes all over a lecture hall. This is a historical class thus far, but it’s so interesting. Well, it’s interesting coming from her mouth. The book is horrible. (That is what I was reading when I fell asleep.)

And finally, there is first-time instructor Molly Yanity. She was thrown for a loop on her first day when everyone in her “News Writing” class was a Visual Communications major instead of majoring in Journalism. But, the first writing assignment revealed some pretty good writers. Whew. 😉

Well, the week is about over… my mom and I are heading to West Virginia to see Blair (and the Mountaineers) after my class tonight. I can’t wait to see that little girl.


3 responses to “Lots of firsts

  1. Where are you? Did you have such a good time with Mary & Blair that you didn’t return to Ohio? Did your teaching/learning tasks take up all of your time?
    Did you not know the Huskies beat USC?
    I miss you~~~~~

  2. Kristi Skinner Bach

    I wanna hear about that tailgate!

  3. Umm…so what did you think of the UW-SC game?

    Just interested in hearing your thoughts as someone who saw this team day to day during the TW debacle…

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