Happy birthday, Stacy!

Today is Stacy’s bithday, so give her a shout t0 wish her a great day!

Not such a great day at the Palace on Canaan Road. I believe the reason I was so worn out yesterday is I’m fighting a cold. I feel prettycrappy today — sore throat, stiff neck, really tired. NOT the time to be coming down with something!

I’m addicted to my office so far. My office was originally in a closet at the end of the hall on the second floor of the very-old Lindley Hall. But after a fortuitous visit to the office of one Sharon Case — the gate-keeper of the journalism program, from what I can tell — Ashley and I are now sharing a big, modern, nice office in the Sing Tao House. There’s a window, a computer, one huge desk and plenty of shelving, all improvements from the former haunt. I went in early this morning, got some books ordered, finished the syllabus, got my class list and some other stuff done. I think I’m prepared as I can be at this point.

But by 9 a.m., I felt awful. A trip to the store was next to get some Airborne, juice and fresh fruit. I’ve been popping Vitamin C, too, but really feel like I just need to take a nap.

MY NEW FRIEND, FURROW: Let me tell you about Ashley Furrow… in a word, Ashley is HOT. I’d be totally uncomfortable writing that if she also weren’t very cool and, I’m sure, completely aware I’m not hitting on her (being that I’m in love with someone else , and all!) So far, Ashley is my ally in this endeavor. She just graduated from the University of Florida and knew job prospects would be scarce. So, she’s here. We get to share an office, swapped GA assignments and both enjoy sports. She rowed and played softball in high school, worked on the copy desk at the Gainesville newspaper when the Gators won the national championship and wants to live in California. She is personable, funny, has a little attitude and I’m stoked I met her. Socially, this would be a dud so far if I hadn’t. I can tell the gal likes to drink a little beer, so she’s alright in my book!

art_tilatequila_giSHOT OF LAUGHS: Can we talk about Shawne Merriman and Tila Tequila for a moment, please? Ol’ Tila (who apparently isn’t into chicks anymore — SURPRISE!) says Shawne choked her late Saturday night after the two had been clubbing all night. Shawne says he simply kept Tila from driving drunk and didn’t hurt her. What a trainwreck that had to have been. Could you imagine being the cops pulling up to that one? Haha! I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I totally do. Imagine a drunk, mouthy, idiotic little Tila screaming, “I’m making a citizen’s arrest!” All the while, I picture a bombed Merriman standing back acting all innocent while probably calling her a lush and skank and whatever else. I think my favorite part of the whole debacle is that Merriman and his lawyer are calling her “Ms. Nguyen!” Haha! Tila Nguyen! What a riot!

KIRBIZZLE PIZZLE: Kirby has been a nightmare. She took a crap on my dad’s shirt this morning — a fact he learned when he went to put the shirt on and turds fells off. Ugh. The little wiener dog is not adapting well. She doesn’t like it when I leave her out the house, so she acts out. Kirby is ridiculously spoiled and it’s all my fault. I need Stacy here to discipline her; Kirby listens to Stacy. Has to be the reason she behaved so well at Stacy’s place.

MISCELLANEOUS: I bought his new TV, a 26-inch Sanyo LCD job. Yeah, it’s a Sanyo, so I don’t expect much, but the picture is horrible. The foreground images are fine and clear. But everything in the background is fragmented, or looks like cartoon-brightness, or something. Techie friends, is this just because it’s an LCD TV meant for HD and my parents don’t have HD?  Aw well, I won’t complain… after my dad hooked the Directv satellite up to my room, he got on the horn with Directv and we ended up with the NFL Ticket and ESPN GamePlan. Oh yeah! … I miss Blair and think I’m going to skip the journalism department’s annual picnic Saturday and head to Morgantown to see my sister and niece. The Mountaineers play Skip Holtz’s East Carolina team, too, so that’d be fun. … Stacy’s in San Diego with her mom, sister-in-law and two nephews (the latter three live there.) Well, so far she has been to a 3-year-old’s birthday, to the ER (twice) for a nephew’s dislocated elbow, to a quilt-making deal, and shopping at places like Target, etc. (Not fun with toddlers.) So, today since it’s her birthday, I insist she go to El Zarape for the world’s best lobster burrito. And she’s hanging out at the beach on Coronado. Have a great day, Stace!


2 responses to “Happy birthday, Stacy!

  1. Isn’t Sing Tao an asian beer?

  2. What a cool Dad! Weekends will be fun at your house this fall. Heard sad news this morning…it
    is official the Pittsburgh Pirates are worst team in major league sports history…17 straight losing seasons in a row. Good luck on first day of classes.

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