Athens lists…

TOP FIVE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT ATHENS SO FAR (excluding family, old friends, etc.):

5.) Full-fledged thunderstorms

4.) The Campus Green — it’s beautiful. 124_compressed

3.) $3.50 Red Bull and Grey Goose at The Crystal

2.) You always run into someone you know at Kroger — Athens’ only full-service grocery store (and home of the only Starbucks!) The other day, I ran into Ms. Farrar, my fifth-grade teacher!

1.) $1.50 beers just about everywhere!


5.) The humidity. That’s at No. 5 today because it is just beautiful here today.

4.) Technological weirdness: My voicemails don’t come through for a few days (spotty service?) No internet service at my parents’ house… so I use the iPhone to tether… and it’s sloooooow. DirecTV comes in splotchy quite a bit.

3.) There is no recycling for those who live on the outskirts of town. (No voicemail, no internet, no recycling? Do my parents live in a cave? No, but apparently close enough to one!)

2.) You always run into someone you know at Kroger.

1.) From what I can tell thus far, there is only one bar — of the two dozen! — in Athens that has Directv’s NFL Ticket and has decent seating to actually watch a game. That would be Buffalo Wild Wings (that everyone here calls “BW3’s,” for some reason.)   ** If I’m wrong about this, someone please tell me. ** I went to find the Steelers-Redskins presason game the other night and only Pawpurrs, Pigskin and BW3 had satellite. Pawpurrs was packed with obnoxious college kids. Pigskin had its jukebox cranked, so I settled in at B-Dub’s. Could be a long college/NFL football season…


5.) People ride around on motorcycles — without helmets.

4.) Alcohol, gas, food at restaurants and home prices are all really inexpensive; but rent is really high.

3.) More people seem to care about Ohio State athletics than about Ohio University’s, even though OU is an NCAA Division I program with nice facilities right here. (Fuck the Buckeyes.)

2.) The roads are horrible, which really should make motorcyclists really rethink the no-helmet deal! There aren’t just potholes on major thoroughfares like Richland Ave., E. State St. and Stimson Ave., but there seem to be full-fledged obstacle courses of potholes, bumps, cracks and other intrusions. And don’t even try to ride a bicycle down neighborhood streets! If you’re looking to open a small business here, I’d have to think tires and/or shock absorbers would be the way to go.

1.) I live here again!


4 responses to “Athens lists…

  1. Correction…”The” Ohio State Buckeyes!! See ya this weekend…Hope I recognize you!! 🙂

  2. jennifer yanity

    I think the Cats Eye has the Sunday ticket or
    they always used to and it is full of Browns fans.
    We have to stick together because we don’t have much to cheer about. Hurray for Seattle getting Edggrin James…he is awesome.

  3. Yes, The Cats Eye does have the NFL Ticket, BUT….there will be lots of us BROWNIES there on Sunday!!! You forgot about #6 on the Love list….golfing with Heather 🙂

  4. gotta love OU!

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