Football practice

My initial thoughts on the couple Ohio University football practice sessions I have seen:

1.) It’s hotter than holy hell and I can’t imagine practicing in that heat and humidity — especially with pads and a helmet on my body. I just hope that is why they move so slowly.

2.) Maybe it is the unbearable weather but there is an awful lot of standing around in these sessions.

I’d like to get in to see an early-morning practice before the humidity and heat gets ridiculous to see if there is any difference. I found out a bit too late yesterday there was a scrimmage Tuesday, and, according to head coach Frank Solich, the Bobcats offense didn’t move the ball well. He picked on the offensive line a little bit, too. But from what I have seen, that doesn’t surprise me at all because the hosses stood around the entire time I watched parts of two sessions. What the Washington Huskies did in their pre-warmup warmup was the extent of what I have seen the Bobcats’ o-line do in two sessions — some individual football drills and that’s all.

And, just being a little critical of something other than the pace of the practices, I’m stunned the local newspaper — the Athens Messenger — does so little to cover the Bobcats’ camp. One newspaper in town, hardly any coverage. How is that possible? The guy covering the team does a decent job with what he does, I’m just quite surprised there isn’t more. The team has a scrimmage and there’s a small write-up about the scrimmage. How about a notebook, player features, “get-to-know-the-players” kinds of things. Just doesn’t seem like much to me.

I think it’d be fun to get into it here, maybe cover a little MAC football, while I’m…  uh oh… this change of life is really going to be hard, isn’t it?!

Hot, hazy day at football practice at Peden Stadium

Hot, hazy day at football practice at Peden Stadium


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