Things to know

There are a few things I need to hash out before we go any further with this blog. First, as I’ve mentioned previously, my parents — thus, I live on a farm, a few miles out of town. It’s literally just about six or seven miles. However, when you consider there is no recycling service nor internet capability (outside of dial-up), it seems like civilization is a plane-ride away. So, until school gets started and I am regularly on campus with wireless access to the Web, my posts may be sporadic.

I am trying to spend my first month here being a good houseguest, trying to stay out of my dad’s way unless I am being helpful. I have been babysitting Blair as needed (but that’s honestly a blessing that I “get” to do), mowing the lawn (not such a blessing), making dinner, doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, etc. Now, at my own home, I take care of everything in the kitchen as it is, so that just feels normal. I pretty much always pick up after myself, do my own laundry, so none of this is much of a stretch — other than I’m incredibly cognizant of it. The only difficult part of it is trying not to get annoyed over others being, well, let’s say not as helpful. 

My mom or I make dinner and basically serve my dad. When he’s finished, he won’t even put his own dish in the dishwasher. Then he has the gall to ask questions like (to Mary), “Who’s cooler is this?” (Hers) “Well, I was just wondering how many times you walked by it without taking it downstairs.” At that comment, I had to fight from saying, “Well, it was amazing to see your dirty plate walk its own way into the dishwasher.” 

Really… wow.

I have a hard time with the clutter, too. The place always seems ultra-cluttered. You might be able to blame it on the baby’s toys and stuff just everywhere, but it was like this before Blair was ever even born. Piles of just “stuff.” Old mail, magazines,  you know, stuff. Seriously, they should just get rid of the two dining tables in the living room because all they do is collect the stuff.

If it sounds like I’m out to complain today, that’s not the case. Honestly, Stacy would probably interject here that I’m “anal” and we all should expected this. (Her piles drove me nuts, too.) So, I’m not really complaining, I”m just being myself — for better or worse!

FUN FARM STORY: Yesterday, while cutting the grass for over two hours, I came across two snakes. The first one was a little gardner snake, couldn’t have been more than a foot long and as thin as a pencil. But, my God!, that little thing could move. It scared the hell out of me because it surprised me and damn near went right over my shoe. I was actually about ready to move my foot into its path by accident, but it was quick enough to get by me first and under a pine tree.

The second snake was altogether something different. It was probably four feet long and big. My dad said it was a black snake, but I didn’t even attempt to cut the grass on the barn-side of of the driveway because I wasn’t getting near it. I am guessing the strange, slow-moving creature had recently eaten one of the nasty barn rats. I couldn’t see a bulge, but it was moving really oddly. Ew.

MISSING FOOTBALL: After mowing the grass and sweating out three pounds, I was supposed to get showered and head into town to run a couple errands and go watch Ohio University’s football practice. But, as I was running errands, the thunder started to crack, the lightning began to flash and within moments, it was raining so hard you couldn’t see in front of you. I was in the car on the way back to the house when the downpour really picked up. It was so loud on the windshield Kirby started barking at it. Two cars in front of me pulled to the side of the road. I slowed way down, had the wipers on high and got home a couple minutes later. Kirby and I sat in the car for about five minutes; I was hoping it’d slow. When it didn’t, I decided to make a run for it. I opened the door, jumped out and Kirby sat there. Huh-uh. She wasn’t doing it! I scooped her up, ran to the house — which couldn’t be more than 30 yards from the car.  I still had to change my clothes because they were soaked through. THAT is some rain, Seattleites!

Anyway, I didn’t get to watch football practice and I’m about jonesing. I’ve been reading the blogs on the Huskies. There is always so much optimism during camp. I watched Tyrone Willingham peacock his way through four camps and never could figure out what he must have been seeing. Then again, when you can’t watch practices, it’s tough to figure, right?

It sounds like Huskies fans are finally seeing the practices, which is good. Steve Sarkisian is a huge optimist, but I’m wondering about the team speed still. I just can’t imagine the cornerbacks they had out there last year making huge strides. And if the JC cornerback is ineligible, I’m a little worried. The Huskies linebackers are solid, but I’m concerned about the front and the back. In keeping touch with some players, it really does sound like the atmosphere is different, but, IT BETTER BE! And, thank Jesus! None of the players are coming out saying they’re going to win the National Championship! Oy! That was so embarrassing.

So, everything I’m hearing about the OU Bobcats is that they could be solid, but there are depth questions on the offensive and defensive lines. I hear the latter part and think one thing: “It could be a long year.”

I’m going to practice today — it’s a hot, humid, hazy day so I’m hoping the rain goes away. I actually met the director of football ops the other night. (My brother-in-law was a GA with the Bobcats last year, so it was easy to make friends!) But we talked football over a couple beers and I got excited. The MidAmerican Conference isn’t the Pac-10, but it’s all I got right now, so I’ll take it!

Well, I’ll take that and the three fantasy football leagues I’m in this year!

MISCELLANEOUS: I bought a car. For my friends back home, no, I did not buy a Chevy Cavalier. (I got a brand new Cavalier when I graduated from college in 1996. I ran it until it just became senseless to fix — for 12 years!) But I didn’t go much further out on the limb. I bought a ’98 Toyota Camry with 180k miles on it! Haha! (It was less than $3,000!) I’m having it detailed right now and am at the county library writing. 🙂 … There are a lot of really old people at the library … What’s with iTunes and the iPhone? Seriously, the piracy protection/clamp down is a little much. I downloaded ALL my cds into iTunes before I left for Ohio. That was about 15GB of music I put on my old Seattle P-I-issued laptop. So, I came here, finally got a new laptop (a cute HP Pavilion dv3 Notebook) and used a flashdrive to transport all the music files. All seemed well and good except that, after hooking my iPhone up to the new laptop, half the songs on the iPhone are now blank — there, but playing nothing. Any ideas, techies? … I’m listening to Led Zeppelin. Totally reminds me of high school. … Remember how I said we kind of live “out there?” Well, my voicemails aren’t showing up on my phone until I come into town. And sometimes my reception isn’t great. I apologize… Last thought: I was offered Steelers-Bengals tickets in Cincinnati by the generous and hilarious Billy Matters two nights ago. Absolutely, I said. But later, I realized that game is the weekend that Casey and Joey are coming to visit. Since Casey is coming to visit me when her beloved Bears are playing in Seattle (thus, she could  have been seeing them in person), I’m turning down my in-person NFL experience. We will both “sacrifice” — and drink cheap beers at a local bar together while watching our favorite teams dominate the Seahawks and Bengals! Sounds about more fun, anyway!


One response to “Things to know

  1. I love reading your blog, keep the entries coming. The Huskies sound so optimistic, but not unrealistic, which I’ve disliked, in the past. Did you hear that JR Hasty (sp?) was cut from the team at Central Wa.? Didn’t make his grades during summer school. How did he manage to do so well at Bellevue High? Hmmmmm Wish you were here, hope to see you when you visit in Dec. Hugs to everyone, even Dad, who doesn’t “bus dishes”. }}:>)

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