Court Street conquered!

A few hours after Dead-Aim Dad slayed the coyote, Mary and I went Uptown for the evening. We waffled outside her car for a few minutes. “I don’t want to drive.” “I have three beers and I can’t drive.” “I plan on drinking more than that.” “I don’t want to drive.” The situation was resolved when Vince, one of the guys renting the apartment above one of the barns, said he’d come out with us and drive Mary’s car home.

First stop: The Cat’s Eye. The Cat’s Eye was the bar my friends and I went to when we came home from college. A handful of high school friends worked there at one point or another and it always wreaked of trouble. Mary, Vince and I saddled up to the bar and I ordered a round. One of Brian’s friends, Mark, joined us, as did Vince’s friend Nardo. (That’s his last name. No idea what his first name is.) It didn’t take long before they were all talking and I was sitting on the end feeling old and bored. So, I do what I always do when I’m bored — that’s right, Seattle friends, I bought SHOTS!

Things started to loosen up. I ran into a familiar face — Stacy Lee. She waited tables at Sylvia’s when I worked there in high school. She had gotten divorced and has five kids, but was sweet as ever. After she and I chatted for a bit, and Mark left to return to his wife (Lindsey Swank), our crew crossed the street to Lucky’s. To my surprise, this one-time convenience store had turned into a full-fledged sports bar with pool tables, Golden Tee, other games and -gasp- a Steelers theme! I found my place… 🙂 Figured I’d order another shot, but was terribly disappointed when it came in one of those plastic cups you find at salad bars for the dressing. Really?! Could there even be an ounce in that little thing? Hm. Lame. This is the place where Mary and I crossed from sober to drunk. We chatted with a young lady who works at Abercrombie & Fitch and dates a former OU football player. She was a riot and we really started to have a good time. Jeff and Heather Warmke bopped in, along with Kelly Toadvine, and we chatted for a bit, but they were on their way to the Cat’s Eye. We decided to head to Tony’s — my favorite bar in Athens. When we stepped outside, Vince started bitching about the humidity. “It feels like you should be able to see the air,” he said. He was right. The temperature had actually risen since we walked into Lucky’s and the air was heavy with moisture. It was gearing up for a smoldering hot and humid Sunday.

We bounced down Court St. passing GoodFella’s Pizza and Mary made a declaration: She was getting pizza before we went home. My little sister was cracking me up. She looked great, to start with, and she just has a phenomenal personality. I was stoked to be out with her. We rarely had done that, gone out as contemporaries, just girls on the town. I realized it was something I missed. 

The bar at Tony's

The bar at Tony's

Well, after a couple shots and about six beers later, we finally showed up at Tony’s. The  doorman at Tony’s looked oddly familiar and it hit me pretty quickly. It was Colin Glover, my elementary school crush. We hugged. At the corner of the bar was none other than the Mayor of Returning to Athens, Chris Kneiss. (At least, that’s what Sam Bellezza dubbed him!) Suddenly I was having a hell of a time. Nardo and I got into a conversation about the hapless Pittsburgh Pirates, whom we both misguidedly love. We had a round of “Hot Nuts.” (Oddly, Tony’s serves shots in little plastic cups, too, but they’re at least as big as Dixie cups.) And soon we were at GoodFellas getting half a pie and heading home.

Whew. I passed out hard. Stacy had called several times and I didn’t even flinch. Good night. A total diet-buster, but I got up and hit the elliptical pretty hard. And then proceeded to drink what seemed like gallons of water today. Mostly avoided the hangover. 😉

KIRBY TRIES TO FIT IN: My dashchund is having a rough time. I got up this morning to learn she had peed in the middle of Mary’s bedroom.

I mentioned previously that Kirby has attitude. Boy, does she ever! Kirby grew out of having “accidents” long ago. But my little canine companion has spiteful acts of vengeance. For instance, during the first week we were in Athens, I left her at the house while I ran some errands. She made it clear she wanted to go with me, but it’s too hot to leave her in the car, so she stayed. I got home and ran up to my room. I tried to get her to come with me and she looked at me and went the other way. I should’ve known… I got upstairs to see that Kirby had pissed on my bed. That was her way of saying, “Fuck you.”

So, the piss in Mary’s room was troubling because she is going to have to get used to me going out occassionally. All I could think was, “Please Kirby, don’t start this again.”

She had been so remarkably well-behaved when we moved out of my house in Seattle into Stacy’s apartment. (I rented my house in June, so we stayed with Stacy for a couple months.) I really had hoped it was stick. But, she isn’t totally comfortable in her surroundings. And I’m also figuring out that Stacy was the disciplinarian… Kirby isn’t the slightest bit afraid of me. Ahhh….

Kirby also doesn’t quite know what to do with the other dogs on the farm. Maggie the farm dog barks at deer, and little Izzy the Yorkie actually chases the deer into the woods. So, those two are going off and Kirby runs outside and just starts barking to follow suit. However, poor Kirby doesn’t have a CLUE there are deer in the field. She has no idea at what she’s even barking! It’s kind of funny, but a little sad, too. Haha!

MISCELLANEOUS: The Washington Huskies football team — yes, the only BCS team to not win a game last season — reported to camp today. If I told you my heart didn’t ache just a bit as I read Bob Condotta’s blog on, I’d be lying. If I told you it ached just a bit, I wouldn’t be doing justice to the way I truly felt. … I think the Huskies will win three, maybe four games this season. Any more than that, Steve Sarkisian should win Pac-10 Coach of the Year honors. … The Pirates blew another lead today and have now lost eight in a row. Wow. … I’m listening to Brandi Carlile as I write this and get ready for bed. If you haven’t heard her, make a point to do so right away. She’s terrific. She’s touring Europe right now, but she’ll be in Cincinnati on Sept. 17 if anyone in these parts want to go see a great show! … Going to try to finish “Breaking Dawn” tonight. Way better than the last two “Twilight” books, but none beat the first, anyway.


2 responses to “Court Street conquered!

  1. I know the way you feel reading Bob’s blog, I felt the same way when I left the biz reading yours and his. It got better after awhile, but I still feel it a little on game days, thinking, “Wait a minute, I’m supposed to be there!” Of course, it’s a little different since I chose to leave.
    Enjoying the blog, hope you’re doing well. Good luck with the dog. We’re temporarily in an apartment waiting out a short sale and the cats hate it (and are driving us nuts)….I guess change isn’t easy for anyone.

  2. Kristi Skinner Bach

    When I read your other post about not knowing anyone in Athens anymore, I almost wrote to say that you should just head Uptown and you’ll certainly run into Chris Kneiss. He is always up there and always welcoming and funny! The Mayor of Returning to Athens, that’s great! Sounds like a good night, Mol. Hope to join you in the wintertime for a lovely night out!

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