Coyote Ugly

ViewFrontPorchMy parents moved to their “farm” on Canaan Road after I left for college, so I have never lived on a farm until now.

It’s not like I have to go out and milk the cows, or anything. There are no animals, other than the resident farm dog Maggie, and — though there is a huge field of corn just east of the tract of land in front of the house, it isn’t my parents’ corn. My dad cuts and bails hay with one his two tractors and that’s about it as far as “farming” goes.

However, with dense woods behind the house and a stretch of land to the Hocking River in front of it, there is quite a bit of wildlife. Maggie goes bonkers every evening barking at deer — and there are tons of them. There are rodents running in and out of the barn. And, yesterday, we saw THE COYOTE.

With Kirby and my sister’s Yorkie running around, the sight of the coyote was enough to put goosebumps on my arms. My mom actually panicked when we were drawn to the front of the house Saturday afternoon by Maggie’s warning — the coyote was in the front field making its way toward us. My mom, in silent panic, ran out back to find the Yorkie because it was outside. (“Izzy” was safe.)

No sooner than we all realized the coyote was heading toward the house than my dad — shirtless, I might add — had one of his dozen or so rifles in his hand. He loaded the gun and darted off the porch to the front yard. Maggie, meanwhile, was starting to run after the coyote. She’s getting old and doesn’t have much spring in her step anymore, though, but it got the coyote going the other way. 

The coyote was about 100 yards away and my dad was aiming the gun at it. POP! And instantly the coyote just crumbled to the ground in one sinking movement.

It was one hell of a shot, but I was a bit in shock. I’m not into hunting at all and think it’s somewhat cruel, but I felt safer for Kirby. I was disgusted the intial reaction was to kill the coyote, but I was thoroughly impressed with my dad’s shot.

Mary and my dad went down to the coyote’s body. It wasn’t dead, but it was after a much closer range shot. Mary said its teeth were huge and scary.

I can’t describe how I felt about the whole scene, but I know I wouldn’t want it killing my dog. I called Stacy and told her about it and she said, “Well, you don’t see that in Seattle!”

I relayed her sentiment to Deeder and she said, “You’ll be surprised by what you see out here.”


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