I’m wearing my Jabu’s t-shirt today!

So let’s get a few things straight about my new living situation: I’m doing pretty well so far. I have really enjoyed my mom’s company — as I usually do, and getting to know my niece has been a bigger blessing than I could have possibly imagined. I’ve gotten a few school-related things done. (I got a student ID card!) And, in a total reversal of what had been going on during my Summer of Funemployment, I have lost 10 pounds in about 10 days.

Let’s examine that last fact.

I mentioned in a previous post my mom is a bit, um, obsessive about food, exercise and weight. I myself missed this obsession of hers while growing up. Not only do I not remember her being that way at all, I’ve never been excessively concerned about my body. My self-image has been solid. I’ve always liked who I am, even when I’ve packed on some pounds.

My senior of year of college (13 years ago), I was in the best shape of my life. I had been battling to keep a starting spot in the outfield on our softball team and really kicked it into gear. By the time I graduated, I was wearing a bikini for the first time in my life. (I said I wasn’t body-conscious, I didn’t say I was unaware of my surroundings!) But the life of a sports writer lends itself to obesity. Look around a press box sometime. To hell with the Freshman 15. I must’ve gained 20 pounds in the first year out of college. Taco Bell was my favorite place to eat because it was the only place open by the time I got off work. I also stopped running, stopped weight training because it wasn’t any fun doing it by myself.

I don’t think I was disgusting, or anything, but I became overweight. After joining some friends a year or so ago for a bootcamp (with my boy-crush trainer Ryan), I lost a little weight, but then came unemployment. To start with I was depressed. Secondly, I was bored. So, I cooked elaborate dinners for Stacy and myself. Shrimp scampi. Lasagne. Lots of filet mignons. Even gourmet chili dogs. (I’m serious!) And I drank plenty of beer. What a swell combination for the waistline! For the first time, I became uncomfortable. This wasn’t healthy. It didn’t look good. And it honestly didn’t feel good. I hit 200 pounds and I’m even just a smidge embarrassed to write that. But, it’s true, so not that embarrassed.

But, I thought, I’m heading to Athens, where I know Deeder would make me aware of what I was eating and wake me up in the morning to work out. Mary’s a hottie, so I knew she’d at least encourage me. And, Stacy and I decided to enter a competition; whoever loses the biggest percentage of weight from my departure date to the time we get back together in December wins. So far so good!

It hasn’t even been hard. God bless the iPhone app “LoseIt” to count calories in a non-Weight Watchers crazy way. (Playing on your phone looks much less conspicuous than busting out a mini scale at the table.) I’ve been working out at the community fitness center in the mornings. When I haven’t gone, I’ve hit Mom’s treadmill or, today, I actually mowed their damn lawn. It took almost two hours. My back aches. My biceps and triceps are fatigued, and I sweat through my sports bra, tank top AND shorts. Jesus, it was hard.

Deeder and I have been sharing the cooking duties. A few nights ago, I marinated some chicken breasts, grilled them and sliced them over a big salad for dinner. She made amazing veggie enchiladas that, according to the cookbook, were in the neighborhood of 275 calories each enchilada.

So, before school starts, I’m trying to get into a nice eating/working out groove before classes, studying, etc. attempt to shake up my priorities. I’m slightly proud of myself.

CHEAP MOVIES; MISSING STACY: Stacy is a big moviegoer. I never really was. But, already here, I’ve gone to two movies. At $5-$6 a pop, it’s reasonable entertainment! It costs $10 a ticket in Seattle! I saw “The Ugly Truth.” Of course I liked it. Katherine Heigl is just too adorable not to enjoy it. I could watch her play solitaire and give it two thumbs up, though. Last night, I went with my mom and Gram to see “The Proposal.” Aside from Sandra Bullock’s creepy plastic surgery, it was enjoyable. Some laugh-out-loud moments. Cute romantic comedy.

Before I left, Stacy wanted to see that movie. I actually felt bad for going to see it without her. That made me miss her all night. I didn’t underestimate how much I’d miss her — I think it figured it just about right. But missing her is harder than I thought it would be. I haven’t spent but a few nights at a time away from her since we started dating. A bit codependent, sure. But it’s just a truth and I find myself missing waking up to turn the TV off after she falls asleep. Or, her morning voice. Or how at least once a day she’d do something so funny I’d have to tilt my head and say, “Oh, princess, really?” Haha! The time difference doesn’t help at all and just shaves hours off the time we can talk. Stinks.

MISCELLANEOUS: If I were still working for the P-I and this entry was a Huskies notebook, this would be the section I used to call “EXTRA POINTS.” … My mom, our old neighbor from Ohio Ave. Mrs. Evans, and two of my mom’s friends and I are going to happy hour at the world famous “Maplewood.” I’m totally looking forward to it. … I’ve been a little bored in the evenings. So, it’s a good thing I’ve been getting up early and working out — so I go to bed earlier. A lot earlier. I’ve been out by 11 most nights since I’ve been here. … Guilty pleasure tunes of the day: Kelly Clarkson. Who am I fooling? I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. … The yard looks damn good. … Jabu’s is my favorite bar in Seattle. 🙂


3 responses to “I’m wearing my Jabu’s t-shirt today!

  1. Guilty Pleasures!

  2. Mols…I miss you!!! I love your blog and am so happy you are doing it…it makes me feel like I get to have a beer with you each day and catch up on life in Ohio. Good for you about the working out and feeling good stuff! Do some extra cardio for me!!! We miss you, Molly!!!

  3. The Lose It app is amazing. I lost 15lbs on it, then stopped using it for a month and gained half of that back. Time to get back on that shit!

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